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Other Visuals

Pin the Tie on Daddy

This is something I did up for Father's Day. I wanted it bigger than a normal page size, so you will need to cut out the head and right and left side of the body.  Tape together, laminate if you'd like, and you are ready to go.  Oh, if you think the Daddy resembles Joseph Smith, you're right.  I can't draw faces - I tried and tried - so I ended up copying a coloring picture from the Friend of Joseph Smith for the face.

Pin the Tie on Daddy








Simply print the faces, and mount on a half-sheet of poster board.  Cute, and incredibly motivating for the primary children!


Wiggle Worms

I got this idea off the Yahoo Primary Music e-mail list.  When the children are in need of a wiggle song, a child can pick a worm and sing the song that goes with the number on the back. 

I printed the wiggle worms, traced around the lines with black ink to give it some more "oomph", cut, laminated, and stuck them on lollipop sticks I bought at Wal-mart.  I put them in a terra-cotta pot with some old flowers and greenery I had lying around.  I would look better with a painted pot, but since I was running short on time, I just wrote "Wiggle Worms" with a Sharpie marker.